Seasoning of Beef brisket and Preparation of Beef jerky

From: The 4-Hour Chef by Timothy Ferris, copyright 2012, pages 424-425

Note 1: We also use this for brisket. We cannot comment on how well it ages because the brisket meat is always gone within minutes of leaving the oven.
Note 2: We present this as a fair-use extract from the copyrighted work. It is also an unpaid advertisement: we strongly recommend that you go purchase this book. It's superb!

Inspired by: Neil Strauss

Shorthand: Thin slice 2 kg brisket. Whisk 470 ml soy, Worcestershire & teriyaki sauce, 240 ml liquid smoke, 120 mg dark corn syrup. Stir in 3T garlic powder, onion powder, sesame seeds & brown sugar, 1t cayenne. Chill marinade and meat for 24 hour. Dry 70 C for 3 hr with door open, turn, dry for 3 more hours.

Hands-on time: 15 min

Total time: 15 minutes, plus 24 hours for marinating and up to 24 hours for drying and cooling.

Gear: knife, large container with lid, aluminum foil, wooden or plastic serving spoon.


00. Put the meat in the freezer for an hour to make the slicing easier. Slice meat with the grain as thin as possible (less than 0.6 cm or 1/4"). If you're lazy or not great with the knife, call the butcher ahead of time and ask him to slice 2 kg (5 lb) of lean brisket at this thickness. The leaner the meat, the better and longer-lasting the jerky.